Making enquiry

Session enquiries via text 0436 394 094 or email

Kindly include the following information when making enquiry:

* Your name or what you wish to be referred to as

* Fetishes and kinks you're interested in exploring

* Your experience level. None? Some? Lots?

* How long you may be seeking, preferred day & time

* Limits, any injuries/mobility issues/health conditions I should be aware of

Etiquette and manners are necessary when I'm considering spending time with you.

When making enquiry you may refer to me as Miss Domina.

A (paid) introductory phone call may be arranged if preferred.

Session Tributes

Session tributes vary. The below is a scale. After I have an indication of what you're seeking I will provide specific session tribute information.

30 mins - $250-$300

45 mins - $350-$450

60 mins - $450-$550

90 mins - $650-$750

2 hours - $900-$1000

Whilst I find the majority of those who wish to spend time with me enjoy a varied session encompassing a variety of kink and fetishes, there are those who are seeking to focus on one only. To the feet lovers ONLY seeking foot worship and cage confinement lovers ONLY seeking cage confinement, rates are less than above. Contact for specific rate.

A 50% deposit is required to secure a session, via Beem, PayID, bank transfer or ATM cash deposit. There is a lot of preparation that goes into a session (dungeon, toy, session planning, outfit preparation), thus a deposit is mandatory. I have a variety of deposit options including electronic and cash, and discreet options for those requiring discretion.

A minimum of 24 hours is required to book. I may be able to accommodate sessions on less notice that are focused on only 1 kink/fetish (such as CBT, ball busting, foot worship), but best to book in advance to ensure my availability.

I understand that things come up and life happens, however it important you communicate this and in a reasonable timeframe.

If you wish to reschedule you must do so 24 hours prior to the session. If 24 hours is not provided the deposit will be forfeited. If 24 hours is provided the deposit will be carried to a future session (that must be booked within 4 weeks). Only one re-schedule is permitted, any additional re-schedules will result in the deposit being forfeited.

For any no show with no contact, should you wish to secure a future session you must first pay the balance of the session you didn't attend, plus the next session upfront in full. There is a lot of preparation (dungeon, myself, session) involved and the inconvenience from a no show will be expected to be compensated for.

* I DO NOT see anyone under the influence of any substance, legal or otherwise. If you arrive and you are not completely sober and straight the session will not proceed & the full cost of the session will be forfeited & kept by me *

How to prepare for session

Easiest way to prepare is as if you were going on a date. Ensure you are freshly showered, clean and smelling good. I understand it isn't always possible to groom and trim, but where it is take the time to manscape - face & body. For anal play & pegging douche and clean prior. It is preferred that you don't wear a heavy cologne - less is more. A shower is mandatory at session commencement also to freshen up, and offered at the end of the session.

Ensure you do not indulge in any substances or alcohol prior to our session. As mentioned above, I do not see anyone under the influence.

What to expect at session

When you arrive at our session I will greet you at the door and show you into the dungeon. My outfit for the session will likely be covered with a dress or robe. This allows us to focus on the pre-session chat without distractions.

All of this will be discussed prior (at the time of booking), but is touched on again. I will check whether you have any injuries, mobility issues, health conditions and confirm limits and what (if any) after care is required. If partaking in any play that may leave skin marks I will discuss with you in full level of marking that is ok (if any). Your safe word will be set.

From there you will be provided with instruction on how to be waiting for me after your shower, then directed to the shower to freshen up. After your shower you will get in position as instructed, and await my presence in the dungeon. Once I enter the dungeon the session has commenced.

What to expect after session

Quite often subspace or an altered state is entered during our session. After the session has concluded you will be given a moment to return to normal.

Water and lollies will be offered (particularly if a "harder" session). Aftercare will take place if indicated required/desired during pre-session discussion.

There is opportunity to have a brief conversation about the session before being offered a shower to freshen up.

Subdrop may be experienced during the days following the session. You are encouraged to read and gain knowledge and understanding about subspace and selfcare options to assist. You are welcome to reach out to me via text post session also.